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How to Stop (and Remove) Online Impersonations on Social Media, Other Websites

Posted in Cyberbullying, Facebook, Google, Other Internet Law Issues, Twitter, YouTube
Professionals and companies are being harmed online and on social media in a number of ways. One increasingly common form of online harassment is impersonation of the person (or company) that the harasser is intending to harm through the creation of fake public personas on social media platforms or websites. Major online and social media players… Continue Reading

Actor Can Proceed With Twitter Defamation Lawsuit, Likely to Unmask Anonymous Twitter User

Posted in Cases & Court Decisions, Identify Anonymous Defamers, Twitter
Actor James Woods is one step closer to unmasking the identity of the unknown Twitter user he sued for $10 million last summer. Last Monday, Judge Mel Recana of the Los Angeles County Superior Court denied the defendant’s Special Motion to Strike. This allows Woods to proceed with his case against defendant John Doe — Twitter user… Continue Reading

Employers Must Be Careful Using Non-Disparagement Clauses to Discourage Employees’ Negative Online and Social Media Posts

Posted in Employment Law, Online Reputation, Other Internet Law Issues
In recent years, there has been backlash against non-disparagement clauses pertaining to online reviews. In particular, those attempting to restrict honest—albeit negative—feedback about companies.  In fact, California passed a law in August 2014 prohibiting anti-negative review policies. Meanwhile the Federal Trade Commission filed its first ever lawsuit over similar non-disparagement clauses last September. Beyond potentially restricting… Continue Reading

How to Report Abuse, Harassment on Twitter

Posted in Cyberbullying, Other Internet Law Issues, Twitter
Twitter recently announced that it has updated its Twitter Rules “to clarify what we consider to be abusive behaviour and hateful conduct,” wrote Megan Cristina, the company’s head of Trust & Safety, in a Dec. 30, 2015 blog post. According to Cristina’s blog post (“Fighting abuse to protect freedom of expression”), the policy changes are intended… Continue Reading

How Businesses Can Protect Their Executives From Online Reputation Attacks

Posted in Businesses and Executives, Internet Defamation General, Online Reputation, Other Internet Law Issues
Businesses are incredibly vulnerable to online reputation attacks.  Virtually anyone with a motive can seriously harm a business’s reputation online.  This issue has been previously framed from a company perspective.  What has not been discussed as much is how company executives are also quite susceptible to being attacked online, and it is just as important… Continue Reading

How to Remove Harassment, Other Harmful Internet and Social Media Postings

Posted in Cyberbullying, Defamation Removal, Facebook, LinkedIn, Other Internet Law Issues, Pinterest, Twitter, WordPress
Minutes, if not seconds, is all it takes for someone to cause harm to another person on the internet. Whether a single posting on social media or another online forum, or a full-fledged harassment campaign consisting of numerous postings on various platforms, it is extremely easy today to cause damage to another’s reputation online. Thus,… Continue Reading

Six-figure Judgment Entered Against Rapper in Instagram Case

Posted in Cases & Court Decisions, Instagram, Internet Defamation General
Internet defamation is generally seen in the context of false statements published on actual websites or in emails. But online defamation also occurs through social media apps – and Instagram is no exception. Back in the spring, we wrote about the issue of Instagram defamation and how to remove defamatory Instagram posts, making note of… Continue Reading

How to Remove a Defamatory Instagram Post

Posted in Apps, Defamation Removal, Identify Anonymous Defamers, Instagram
Although visual in nature, people are not immune from defamation on the popular photo-sharing app Instagram.  In fact, in 2014 – merits of the respective claims aside – rappers 50 Cent and The Game were each sued in unrelated matters for allegedly tarnishing others’ reputations through Instagram posts.  Instagram – the ninth-most popular app in the… Continue Reading

Twitter, Reddit Change Policies to Prohibit Revenge Porn, Establish Revenge Porn Removal Procedures

Posted in Other Internet Law Issues, Reddit, Revenge Porn, Twitter
Earlier this month, Twitter updated its rules to prohibit “revenge porn,” or the posting of nude photographs or videos without the subject’s consent.  This news came a couple weeks after Reddit announced a similar change to its privacy policy reflecting its prohibition of revenge porn and the process of removing revenge porn from the website.… Continue Reading

Central Florida Apartment Complex’s Anti-Negative Review Policy Backfires

Posted in False Reviews, Online Reputation, Review Websites, Travel & Hospitality
For anyone looking for a place to stay – whether a hotel or an apartment complex – there is no question that, second to price, peer reviews are very important.   Hotels and apartment complexes are well aware of this too and, naturally, their owners and members of management are concerned with negative reviews – in… Continue Reading

How Businesses Can Protect Against, Prevent and Plan for Online Reputation Attacks

Posted in Businesses and Executives, Defamation Removal, False Reviews, Online Reputation, White Papers
Today, consumers typically form first impressions of businesses based on what they read about them on the internet, particularly on search engines such as Google. In fact, according to a study released by PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2012, 80 percent of the 7,005 consumers interviewed worldwide indicated they researched products online before making purchases. And this figure… Continue Reading

How to Remove Private or Embarrassing Photos from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Posted in Apps, Cyberbullying, Facebook, Instagram, Other Internet Law Issues, Twitter
People today love sharing photographs of themselves and their whereabouts. And today’s technology makes it so easy.  While there are numerous websites and apps that make this possible, among the most popular are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  This trio ranks second, eighth, and twenty-fourth, respectively on’s rankings of top websites in the United States.… Continue Reading

U.S. Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Threatening Facebook ‘Rap Lyrics’ Case

Posted in Cases & Court Decisions, Facebook, Other Internet Law Issues
The United States Supreme Court recently heard arguments in a case concerning threatening “rap lyrics” posted to Facebook.  The Supreme Court’s ruling on what constitutes a criminal threat on social media – which is not expected until sometime in 2015 – has potential consequences for the way people express themselves online. Four years ago, a… Continue Reading

Businesses Should Create ‘Web Assets’ to Help Protect Against Online Reputation Attacks

Posted in Businesses and Executives, Online Reputation, Other Internet Law Issues
Businesses are best equipped to handle online reputation attacks if they take steps upfront to protect their reputations; take preventative measures to try to thwart or limit attacks; and plan out how to address attacks if (or when) they really do occur. Considering today’s internet landscape and current U.S. laws (such as the First Amendment and… Continue Reading

Businesses Must Not Unfairly Impact Online Reviews

Posted in Businesses and Executives, False Reviews, Online Reputation, Yelp
Today, a business’s online reputation is a large component of how customers and potential customers perceive it.  Businesses must be aware of what customers are saying about them online and via social media. In other words, they must be reading online reviews.  Given the significance of online reviews these days, many businesses are afraid of… Continue Reading

Whitney Gibson to Lead 10/28 Webinar on Internet Defamation Removal Strategies, Techniques

Posted in Defamation Removal, Internet Defamation General, Webinars
Whitney Gibson will be leading an upcoming webinar: “How to Remove Defamation and Other Damaging Content from the Internet.”  The live webinar, hosted by Lorman, will take place Tuesday, Oct. 28 from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. (ET). This webinar is primarily designed for attorneys, and it has been approved in most states for CLE… Continue Reading

Dallas P.D. Fumbles Arrest News About Brother of the NFL’s Aqib Talib

Posted in Other Internet Law Issues, Twitter
#BREAKING: Oops. On Sunday morning, Maj. Max Geron tweeted from his official Dallas Police Department Twitter account, @MaxDPD, that NFL cornerback Aqib Talib had been arrested for throwing bottles and causing a disturbance at a Dallas club. The tweet about the 1:45 a.m. arrest was later retweeted by the Department’s verified @DallasPD account at 9:53… Continue Reading

How to Deal With an ‘Impostor Timeline,’ Potential Defamation on Facebook

Posted in Cyberbullying, Facebook, Identify Anonymous Defamers
It is not uncommon for people to create fake social media profiles of celebrities and other public figures. Unfortunately, some people also imitate non-public figures, often for harassment purposes. This is especially problematic on Facebook, which refers to these accounts as “impostor Timelines.” According to Facebook, there are 1.23 billion active monthly Facebook users, as… Continue Reading

How to Remove Nude Photos from ‘Revenge Porn’ and Other Internet Websites

Posted in Other Internet Law Issues, Revenge Porn
Whether it is on Facebook, Instagram, or another popular website, many people today love sharing photographs about themselves and their whereabouts. But legal issues often arise when a person uploads or posts private photos (or videos) of someone else – especially when they involve nudity or are otherwise sexual in nature. Furthermore, once someone posts… Continue Reading