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Reporting Harmful Non-Defamatory Google Reviews

Posted in Google, Online Reputation, Other Internet Law Issues
It is generally difficult to convince a website to remove defamatory third-party content without a court order. If person A goes to a website and says person B’s statements about him or her are false, how does that website know whether person A is telling the truth? And, even so, how would the website know if… Continue Reading

How to Remove False and Defamatory Google Reviews

Posted in Businesses and Executives, Defamation Removal, False Reviews, Google, Review Websites
When running a search of a business on Google, chances are that an aggregate star rating (on a 5.0 scale) and a listing of Google Reviews will appear high up in the search results.  While Google Reviews may not yet have the widespread appeal of Yelp, they are gaining in popularity and will continue to be… Continue Reading