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Reporting Harmful Non-Defamatory Google Reviews

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It is generally difficult to convince a website to remove defamatory third-party content without a court order. If person A goes to a website and says person B’s statements about him or her are false, how does that website know whether person A is telling the truth? And, even so, how would the website know if… Continue Reading

Removing Defamatory Statements From the Internet Using a Court Order

Posted in Defamation Removal, Google, Internet Defamation General
Most businesses and professionals defamed on the internet simply want the false content removed. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to obtain removal, one of which is through a court order. Websites and other entities do not want to be tasked with having to weigh the facts of any situation and make a judgment… Continue Reading

Internet Defamation and Anti-SLAPP Laws: A Look Back at the Washington Supreme Court’s 2015 Ruling Invalidating the State’s Anti-SLAPP Statute

Posted in Anti-SLAPP, Cases & Court Decisions, Internet Defamation General, Other Internet Law Issues
In late May 2015, the Washington Supreme Court became the first state to find an anti-SLAPP statute unconstitutional, striking down the rule codified as RCW 4.24.525. At the time (and likely still today), free speech advocates expressed their disappointment in the ruling, believing that the state of Washington would leave media members and others who… Continue Reading

Fla. Attorney Wins Judgment, Award of Damages for Online Defamation by Former Client

Posted in Cases & Court Decisions, False Reviews
A Florida appellate court has affirmed a trial court’s judgment and award of $350,000 in damages in favor of a Florida attorney who claimed she had been defamed in online reviews. Ann-Marie Giustibelli, a South Florida family law attorney, had represented Copia Blake in a divorce proceeding against Peter Birzon before Giustibelli and Blake’s attorney-client… Continue Reading

Online Comments, Free Speech and Internet Defamation: News Outlets Challenged by Internet Commenters

Posted in Internet Defamation General, Other Internet Law Issues
On Nov. 12, 2015, The Montana Standard published an online editorial about forthcoming changes to its online commenting policy.  This might seem trivial outside of the readership for this newspaper from the fifth largest city in the 44th most populated U.S. state.  But beginning in late November, The Montana Standard’s plans for handling online comments… Continue Reading

Court: Defamation Plaintiff Must Provide Evidence to Unmask Unknown Poster

Posted in Cases & Court Decisions, Identify Anonymous Defamers, Review Websites
A Washington appellate court offered defamation plaintiffs a friendly reminder last week: if you want to unmask the identity of an unknown internet poster, you better present evidence to back up your defamation claims. In a July 6 opinion, the Court of Appeals of Washington ruled that a Florida attorney failed to provide such evidence… Continue Reading

How to Remove False, Defamatory Glassdoor Reviews

Posted in Businesses and Executives, Defamation Removal, False Reviews, Glassdoor, Online Reputation
Founded in 2007, is an online “career community” with a database consisting of several million company reviews, CEO ratings, salary reports, job interview reports and more.  But as both the Associated Press and the Wall Street Journal have phrased things – in articles published nearly three years apart – Glassdoor is a website where… Continue Reading

FTC Violations Prompt Man’s Ban from Operating ‘Revenge Porn’ Sites

Posted in Other Internet Law Issues, Revenge Porn
On Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced that a Colorado man will be banned–subject to final approval–from distributing nude photos and videos without the subjects’ consent.  This comes following an FTC investigation that resulted in allegations of two FTC Act violations.  According to the FTC complaint, Craig Brittain operated a “revenge porn” website ( from… Continue Reading

Businesses Should Create ‘Web Assets’ to Help Protect Against Online Reputation Attacks

Posted in Businesses and Executives, Online Reputation, Other Internet Law Issues
Businesses are best equipped to handle online reputation attacks if they take steps upfront to protect their reputations; take preventative measures to try to thwart or limit attacks; and plan out how to address attacks if (or when) they really do occur. Considering today’s internet landscape and current U.S. laws (such as the First Amendment and… Continue Reading

Whitney Gibson to Lead 10/28 Webinar on Internet Defamation Removal Strategies, Techniques

Posted in Defamation Removal, Internet Defamation General, Webinars
Whitney Gibson will be leading an upcoming webinar: “How to Remove Defamation and Other Damaging Content from the Internet.”  The live webinar, hosted by Lorman, will take place Tuesday, Oct. 28 from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. (ET). This webinar is primarily designed for attorneys, and it has been approved in most states for CLE… Continue Reading

Reddit ‘Rarely’ Removes Defamation, Other Harmful or Offensive Speech

Posted in Defamation Removal, Identify Anonymous Defamers, Reddit
If given the opportunity, anyone that has been defamed on Reddit would surely “downvote” the popular website for its policy on defamation removal.  According to Reddit, it is uncommon for administrators of the website – self-branded as “a source for what’s new and popular on the web” – to remove defamatory content. This is consistent… Continue Reading

Supreme Court of Texas Rules in Favor of Removal of Internet Defamation

Posted in Cases & Court Decisions, Defamation Removal, Internet Defamation General
On Aug. 29, 2014, the Supreme Court of Texas handed down a significant ruling in an internet defamation case.  In Kinney v. Barnes, the court held that authors of defamatory online posts can be required to remove the posts.  However, a permanent injunction restricting future postings of the same or similar statements is an unconstitutional prior… Continue Reading

White Paper (PDF) – In-House Counsel Guidebook: How to Handle Internet Defamation and Online Reputation Attacks

Posted in Businesses and Executives, Defamation Removal, False Reviews, Identify Anonymous Defamers, Internet Defamation General, Online Reputation, White Papers
Businesses and professionals are frequently the victims of online reputation attacks, including instances of internet defamation. Given that a legal analysis is often involved when determining how to handle these online attacks, in-house legal counsel will often be asked for input. The In-House Counsel Guidebook provides insights for in-house counsel, based on our experience handling… Continue Reading

Top European Court: Google Must Delete ‘Irrelevant’ Links Upon Requests From Users

Posted in Google, Other Internet Law Issues
On Tuesday, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled that, in certain cases, Google must honor user requests to delete links to personal information that are irrelevant or not in the public’s interest. The ruling came in a case involving a Spanish man that complained in 2010 that a Google search of his name led… Continue Reading

LXBN TV: Should Yelp Be Forced to Unmask Anonymous Reviewers?

Posted in False Reviews, Identify Anonymous Defamers, Yelp
Last week, I sat down with LXBN TV’s Colin O’Keefe to discuss the pending Virgnia case involving Hadeed Carpet Cleaning and Yelp.  In this case, which we blogged about earlier this month, the Virginia-based carpet cleaning business has asked Yelp to reveal the names of several authors of anonymous disparaging posts.  Yelp does not believe… Continue Reading

Case Involving Harmful Anonymous Yelp Reviews Headed to Virginia Supreme Court

Posted in Cases & Court Decisions, False Reviews, Identify Anonymous Defamers, Yelp
Small business owners such as Virginia’s Joe Hadeed recognize the free speech rights of individuals to post negative reviews on Yelp.  But, on the heels of his case heading to the Virginia Supreme Court, Hadeed could not help but ask a reporter, “where’s my right to defend my business?” Hadeed’s case will be heard in… Continue Reading

Dispelling Misconceptions About Internet Defamation Removal

Posted in Communications Decency Act, Defamation Removal, Internet Defamation General
Since launching the Vorys internet defamation group, we have encountered several misconceptions about the removal of information from the internet. Companies and professionals that/who have been disparaged online have several options for dealing with their potential internet crises. Harmful information can be removed from the internet One step that can be taken to contact the person… Continue Reading

How to Identify Anonymous Posters on Yelp

Posted in False Reviews, Identify Anonymous Defamers, Yelp
In today’s internet landscape, it is very easy to anonymously post harmful content. However, using a fake screen name or email address does not mean an internet user has completely shielded his or her identity, particularly when that person violates a website’s terms or potentially the law. On the popular review website Yelp, it is no… Continue Reading