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Order Requiring Non-Party Yelp to Remove Defamatory Reviews Affirmed by California Appellate Court

Posted in Cases & Court Decisions, Communications Decency Act, Defamation Removal, Yelp
A California appellate court recently affirmed a lower court’s decision to require Yelp to remove three defamatory reviews. The First Appellate District did, however, remand the case to the trial court to narrow the terms of the removal order, which ordered Yelp to also remove potential future reviews. The court determined that the removal order… Continue Reading

Online Reviews: Ten Things You Should Know

Posted in False Reviews, Online Reputation, Other Internet Law Issues, Review Websites, Yelp
Whether you like them or not, it is hard to ignore online reviews. For many businesses, online review pages and ratings are displayed prominently in Google and Bing searches. And many brick and mortar retail stores have “People Love Us on Yelp” stickers displayed on their doors or windows. Speaking of Yelp, according to the… Continue Reading

Businesses Must Not Unfairly Impact Online Reviews

Posted in Businesses and Executives, False Reviews, Online Reputation, Yelp
Today, a business’s online reputation is a large component of how customers and potential customers perceive it.  Businesses must be aware of what customers are saying about them online and via social media. In other words, they must be reading online reviews.  Given the significance of online reviews these days, many businesses are afraid of… Continue Reading

LXBN TV: Should Yelp Be Forced to Unmask Anonymous Reviewers?

Posted in False Reviews, Identify Anonymous Defamers, Yelp
Last week, I sat down with LXBN TV’s Colin O’Keefe to discuss the pending Virgnia case involving Hadeed Carpet Cleaning and Yelp.  In this case, which we blogged about earlier this month, the Virginia-based carpet cleaning business has asked Yelp to reveal the names of several authors of anonymous disparaging posts.  Yelp does not believe… Continue Reading

Case Involving Harmful Anonymous Yelp Reviews Headed to Virginia Supreme Court

Posted in Cases & Court Decisions, False Reviews, Identify Anonymous Defamers, Yelp
Small business owners such as Virginia’s Joe Hadeed recognize the free speech rights of individuals to post negative reviews on Yelp.  But, on the heels of his case heading to the Virginia Supreme Court, Hadeed could not help but ask a reporter, “where’s my right to defend my business?” Hadeed’s case will be heard in… Continue Reading

How to Identify Anonymous Posters on Yelp

Posted in False Reviews, Identify Anonymous Defamers, Yelp
In today’s internet landscape, it is very easy to anonymously post harmful content. However, using a fake screen name or email address does not mean an internet user has completely shielded his or her identity, particularly when that person violates a website’s terms or potentially the law. On the popular review website Yelp, it is no… Continue Reading

How to Remove Defamatory Reviews from Yelp

Posted in Defamation Removal, False Reviews, Yelp
Based on third quarter data from 2013, more than one-in-five Yelp reviews earned two or fewer stars on the website’s five-star scale. Of the website’s 47 million reviews, 13 percent earned one-star reviews, while posters gave eight percent two-star reviews. This is not to say that the majority of underwhelming reviews may not be warranted. But… Continue Reading