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Video: Three Steps to Combat Unauthorized Online Sales, Product Diversion

Posted in e-Commerce, Other Internet Law Issues, Videos
Beyond internet defamation, another leading brand protection issue is unauthorized online sales and product diversion.  Many companies limit through which distribution channels and by whom their products can be sold.  But, as one might predict, these products still often end up being sold online, outside authorized distribution channels, such as on eBay or Amazon. In the video… Continue Reading

Video: Options for Removing Defamatory Content From the Internet

Posted in Defamation Removal, Google, Internet Defamation General, Videos
The number one question asked by the victims of online defamation is ‘How do I get this defamatory content removed from the internet?’ In the below video, Whitney Gibson — head of the Vorys practice group that focuses on internet brand and reputation issues — discusses several techniques, including contacting websites and web hosts, getting content de-indexed from… Continue Reading

Video: How to Identify Anonymous Internet Posters

Posted in Identify Anonymous Defamers, Internet Defamation General, Videos
Many, if not most, online attacks — including defamation — are carried out anonymously or pseudonymously.  Bad actors typically conceal their identities, whether using aliases and providing fake information to websites or taking greater measures such as masking IP addresses. What many do not realize, in particular those who merely provide fake information or no information… Continue Reading

Video: Things to Consider Before Filing an Internet Defamation Lawsuit

Posted in Anti-SLAPP, Internet Defamation General, Videos
There are several key issues and factors to consider before filing an internet defamation lawsuit. In the Vorys online reputation and brand protection group’s second video, Whitney Gibson identifies and discusses a few of the most important considerations. Among the highlights, Gibson discusses the need to consider whether an anti-SLAPP (or Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation)… Continue Reading

Video: Protecting Your Business’s Reputation Online

Posted in Businesses and Executives, Internet Defamation General, Online Reputation, Other Internet Law Issues, Videos
Vorys’ online reputation and brand protection group has launched a new YouTube channel: VorysInternetLaw. The group plans to publish new videos every two weeks. In the first video, partner Whitney Gibson — who leads Vorys’ online reputation and protection group — discusses four common issues businesses frequently face on the internet: Internet defamation; Traffic diversion using others’… Continue Reading