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Central Florida Apartment Complex’s Anti-Negative Review Policy Backfires

Posted in False Reviews, Online Reputation, Review Websites, Travel & Hospitality
For anyone looking for a place to stay – whether a hotel or an apartment complex – there is no question that, second to price, peer reviews are very important.   Hotels and apartment complexes are well aware of this too and, naturally, their owners and members of management are concerned with negative reviews – in… Continue Reading

How to Remove Fraudulent TripAdvisor Reviews

Posted in Competitor Defamation, Defamation Removal, False Reviews, Travel & Hospitality
TripAdvisor, known as “the world’s largest travel site,” is home to approximately 200 million reviews seen by more than 315 million unique users each month, according to the website.  With 70 million-plus members, TripAdvisor has developed a reputation as a well-trusted source for information and trip planning options for hotels, restaurants, and various attractions.  Of… Continue Reading

Hotel Warns Against Negative Reviews, Receives Flood of 1-star Ratings

Posted in Online Reputation, Travel & Hospitality
Being open to honest feedback and encouraging consumers to voice their opinions is not a terrible thing for businesses — even if that includes some negative or constructive criticism.  What a business should not do is enact a policy or take some other action to discourage people from posting negative reviews. And a hotel in New… Continue Reading

Positive Reviews are Critical to Success of Hotels

Posted in False Reviews, Online Reputation, Travel & Hospitality
Like other businesses, hotels can suffer from a sampling bias when it comes to online reviews: review pages may not be representative of actual customer bases and a disparaging review can carry significant weight. A recent study published in the Aug. 2013 edition of the Cornell Hospitality Quarterly (“CQ”), however, revealed that as hotels receive… Continue Reading