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How to Remove Harassment, Other Harmful Internet and Social Media Postings

Posted in Cyberbullying, Defamation Removal, Facebook, LinkedIn, Other Internet Law Issues, Pinterest, Twitter, WordPress
Minutes, if not seconds, is all it takes for someone to cause harm to another person on the internet. Whether a single posting on social media or another online forum, or a full-fledged harassment campaign consisting of numerous postings on various platforms, it is extremely easy today to cause damage to another’s reputation online. Thus,… Continue Reading

How to Remove Harmful, Harassing Content From Pinterest

Posted in Cyberbullying, Other Internet Law Issues, Pinterest
Based on its visual nature, defamation is less common on Pinterest than on other top social media websites.  Pinterest – the online “pinboard” website on which users virtually bookmark content on their own boards and explore others’ pins and boards – is ranked 16th by Alexa Internet in its list of top U.S. websites and 37th globally. However,… Continue Reading