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Six-figure Judgment Entered Against Rapper in Instagram Case

Posted in Cases & Court Decisions, Instagram, Internet Defamation General
Internet defamation is generally seen in the context of false statements published on actual websites or in emails. But online defamation also occurs through social media apps – and Instagram is no exception. Back in the spring, we wrote about the issue of Instagram defamation and how to remove defamatory Instagram posts, making note of… Continue Reading

How to Remove a Defamatory Instagram Post

Posted in Apps, Defamation Removal, Identify Anonymous Defamers, Instagram
Although visual in nature, people are not immune from defamation on the popular photo-sharing app Instagram.  In fact, in 2014 – merits of the respective claims aside – rappers 50 Cent and The Game were each sued in unrelated matters for allegedly tarnishing others’ reputations through Instagram posts.  Instagram – the ninth-most popular app in the… Continue Reading

How to Remove Private or Embarrassing Photos from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Posted in Apps, Cyberbullying, Facebook, Instagram, Other Internet Law Issues, Twitter
People today love sharing photographs of themselves and their whereabouts. And today’s technology makes it so easy.  While there are numerous websites and apps that make this possible, among the most popular are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  This trio ranks second, eighth, and twenty-fourth, respectively on’s rankings of top websites in the United States.… Continue Reading