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Video: Three Steps to Combat Unauthorized Online Sales, Product Diversion

Posted in e-Commerce, Other Internet Law Issues, Videos
Beyond internet defamation, another leading brand protection issue is unauthorized online sales and product diversion.  Many companies limit through which distribution channels and by whom their products can be sold.  But, as one might predict, these products still often end up being sold online, outside authorized distribution channels, such as on eBay or Amazon. In the video… Continue Reading

White Paper: Three Steps Businesses Can Take to Overcome the Impact of Online Product Diversion

Posted in e-Commerce, Other Internet Law Issues, White Papers
Many companies and businesses want to control the distribution of their products and do not want their products sold by third parties on the internet, especially below retail prices.  But illegal, or unauthorized, sales outside of intended chains of distribution — or product diversion — has become fairly common (especially with beauty products) on the internet.… Continue Reading

Combating the Sale of Counterfeit Goods Online: Don’t Let Someone Get Away With Selling Knockoffs of Your Products

Posted in e-Commerce, Other Internet Law Issues
Trademark counterfeiting, in general, refers to the placement of a trademark on a product that is not the legitimate product offered by the trademark owner. Meanwhile, the Lanham Act (the U.S. federal trademark statute) defines a counterfeit as “a spurious mark that is identical with, or substantially indistinguishable from a registered mark.” However you choose to… Continue Reading