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Defamation and Bad Faith Registration, Use of Domain Names Under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP)

Posted in Competitor Defamation, Complaint Websites, Defamatory Websites, Domain Names, Other Internet Law Issues
Most internet defamation occurs on third-party websites, often through false reviews.  However, some people are so intent on disparaging other professionals or companies that they will go as far as creating their own websites, registering carefully selected domain names and publishing content through them that is calculated to cause harm to those other people or companies. These… Continue Reading

Whois Inaccuracy Complaints Can Lead to Domain Cancellations, Deletion of Defamatory Websites

Posted in Defamatory Websites, Domain Names, Internet Defamation General, Other Internet Law Issues
Many of the internet defamation attacks regularly discussed on our blog are published on well-established, high-ranking websites such as Ripoff Report, Pissed Consumer or mainstream social media platforms.  Oftentimes, however, bad actors will go as far as registering new domains solely to disparage another party or parties on their own websites. These can include blatant… Continue Reading

New ‘.sucks’ Domain Name Gives Rise to Extortion Claims, Future Online Reputation Attacks

Posted in Complaint Websites, Domain Names, Online Reputation, Other Internet Law Issues
A new way for disgruntled parties to gripe about businesses is on the horizon: the “.sucks” generic top-level domain, or gTLD. This new domain, intended to “help consumers find their voices and allow companies to find the value in criticism” – at least according to the website of owner Vox Populi Registry Ltd. – has… Continue Reading

How to Avoid Website Domain Conversion by Former Employees

Posted in Domain Names, Other Internet Law Issues
Companies often instruct individual employees to register domain names for the construction of websites on the companies’ behalf. In these instances, the employee will enter his or her own name as the domain registrant, thereby giving the employee administrative control over the domain. This, of course, becomes a problem if the company subsequently terminates the employee or… Continue Reading