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Serving Subpoenas to Unmask the Identities of Website Owners, Domain Registrants

Posted in Defamatory Websites, Identify Anonymous Defamers
When unidentified individuals defame businesses or professionals online, the harmed parties can potentially serve subpoenas on relevant entities for documents containing identifying information about the authors of the online defamation. The way this process often plays out is as follows (noting this is extremely generalized): Party A publishes false and defamatory statements about Party B… Continue Reading

Defamation and Bad Faith Registration, Use of Domain Names Under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP)

Posted in Competitor Defamation, Complaint Websites, Defamatory Websites, Domain Names, Other Internet Law Issues
Most internet defamation occurs on third-party websites, often through false reviews.  However, some people are so intent on disparaging other professionals or companies that they will go as far as creating their own websites, registering carefully selected domain names and publishing content through them that is calculated to cause harm to those other people or companies. These… Continue Reading

Nev. Jury Awards Internet Defamation Plaintiffs $38.3 Million in Damages for Anonymous Websites

Posted in Cases & Court Decisions, Defamatory Websites, Internet Defamation General
Three-and-a-half years after filing a lawsuit over false allegations comparing him to Bernie Madoff, a federal jury recently awarded a California real estate professional and his company more than $38 million. On February 17, Bradley Cohen—founder and CEO of a Los Angeles-based real estate investment firm, Cohen Asset Management, Inc. (CAM)—and his company were awarded… Continue Reading

Whois Inaccuracy Complaints Can Lead to Domain Cancellations, Deletion of Defamatory Websites

Posted in Defamatory Websites, Domain Names, Internet Defamation General, Other Internet Law Issues
Many of the internet defamation attacks regularly discussed on our blog are published on well-established, high-ranking websites such as Ripoff Report, Pissed Consumer or mainstream social media platforms.  Oftentimes, however, bad actors will go as far as registering new domains solely to disparage another party or parties on their own websites. These can include blatant… Continue Reading

Google Considers Truth, Accuracy for Search Rankings

Posted in Businesses and Executives, Defamatory Websites, False Reviews, Google, Internet Defamation General
Google has been considering a new search ranking algorithm that factors in trustworthiness, according to a report released by the company this past winter. contributor Daniel Newman recently fleshed this concept out in a June 30 column. From an internet defamation/defamation removal perspective, this potential new way of Google ranking content makes for an interesting discussion.  Certainly at… Continue Reading

Pa. Businessman Rich Gorman Wins More Than $3 Million in Damages in Internet Defamation Case

Posted in Cases & Court Decisions, Defamatory Websites, Internet Defamation General
As an experienced internet marketer who found success in the online reputation management industry, Rich Gorman was already well aware of the damage that can be caused by internet defamation.  Then, Gorman said, he became the victim of a series of online reputation attacks himself. Well over a year after the online smear campaign began,… Continue Reading

How to Remove a Defamatory Blog Post or Website

Posted in Defamation Removal, Defamatory Websites, Google, Internet Defamation General, WordPress
Disgruntled parties are initiating online reputation and brand attacks on a number of internet forums.  This includes people publishing false and defamatory blog posts. This typically involves them creating a free blog through Google, WordPress or another easy-to-use blog-publishing platform for the sole purpose of disparaging other parties. Businesses and individuals harmed by blog posts should… Continue Reading

Misleading Review Websites: Beware of Disguised Paid Reviews, Content

Posted in Competitor Defamation, Defamatory Websites, False Reviews
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) mandates that material connections between endorsers and advertisers be disclosed. Yet there are countless misleading review websites out there, masking payments received in exchange for positive publicity. In April, we wrote about review-based websites branded as providing legitimate product information, but actually misleadingly promoting a single product. These websites purport… Continue Reading

Combating False Reviews: Beware of ‘Independent’ Review Website Scheme

Posted in Competitor Defamation, Defamatory Websites, False Reviews
When the New York attorney general’s office cracked down on 19 companies in September 2013 for false reviews, it sent a loud and clear message to many businesses. For others, the combined $350,000 in fines might have simply been a wakeup call to get more creative with their deceptive online advertising practices. In September 2012, research firm… Continue Reading