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How to Stop (and Remove) Online Impersonations on Social Media, Other Websites

Posted in Cyberbullying, Facebook, Google, Other Internet Law Issues, Twitter, YouTube
Professionals and companies are being harmed online and on social media in a number of ways. One increasingly common form of online harassment is impersonation of the person (or company) that the harasser is intending to harm through the creation of fake public personas on social media platforms or websites. Major online and social media players… Continue Reading

How to Report Abuse, Harassment on Twitter

Posted in Cyberbullying, Other Internet Law Issues, Twitter
Twitter recently announced that it has updated its Twitter Rules “to clarify what we consider to be abusive behaviour and hateful conduct,” wrote Megan Cristina, the company’s head of Trust & Safety, in a Dec. 30, 2015 blog post. According to Cristina’s blog post (“Fighting abuse to protect freedom of expression”), the policy changes are intended… Continue Reading

How to Remove Harassment, Other Harmful Internet and Social Media Postings

Posted in Cyberbullying, Defamation Removal, Facebook, LinkedIn, Other Internet Law Issues, Pinterest, Twitter, WordPress
Minutes, if not seconds, is all it takes for someone to cause harm to another person on the internet. Whether a single posting on social media or another online forum, or a full-fledged harassment campaign consisting of numerous postings on various platforms, it is extremely easy today to cause damage to another’s reputation online. Thus,… Continue Reading

Controversial People-Rating App, Peeple, Prepares for Launch

Posted in Apps, Cyberbullying, False Reviews, Other Internet Law Issues
A new app expected to launch in November is generating a lot of mostly negative buzz following a recent story published in The Washington Post. In fact, the headline of that very article refers to the forthcoming app, Peeple, as “terrifying.” Peeple, according to the article, is described as “basically Yelp, but for humans.” Yes, on… Continue Reading

How to Remove Harmful, Harassing Content From Pinterest

Posted in Cyberbullying, Other Internet Law Issues, Pinterest
Based on its visual nature, defamation is less common on Pinterest than on other top social media websites.  Pinterest – the online “pinboard” website on which users virtually bookmark content on their own boards and explore others’ pins and boards – is ranked 16th by Alexa Internet in its list of top U.S. websites and 37th globally. However,… Continue Reading

Criminal Convictions Upheld in Massachusetts Internet Harassment Case

Posted in Cases & Court Decisions, Cyberbullying, Other Internet Law Issues
On Dec. 23, 2014, the Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) of Massachusetts affirmed a lower court’s ruling against a pair of defendants that harassed their neighbors through, among other means, internet postings.  The Massachusetts couple had been convicted under the state’s criminal harassment statute, G.L. c. 265 § 43A (a). “Where the sole purpose of the defendants’… Continue Reading

How to Remove Private or Embarrassing Photos from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Posted in Apps, Cyberbullying, Facebook, Instagram, Other Internet Law Issues, Twitter
People today love sharing photographs of themselves and their whereabouts. And today’s technology makes it so easy.  While there are numerous websites and apps that make this possible, among the most popular are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  This trio ranks second, eighth, and twenty-fourth, respectively on’s rankings of top websites in the United States.… Continue Reading

How to Deal With an ‘Impostor Timeline,’ Potential Defamation on Facebook

Posted in Cyberbullying, Facebook, Identify Anonymous Defamers
It is not uncommon for people to create fake social media profiles of celebrities and other public figures. Unfortunately, some people also imitate non-public figures, often for harassment purposes. This is especially problematic on Facebook, which refers to these accounts as “impostor Timelines.” According to Facebook, there are 1.23 billion active monthly Facebook users, as… Continue Reading

Beware of Defamation, Cyberbullying on ‘Anonymous’ Mobile Apps such as Whisper and Secret

Posted in Apps, Cyberbullying, Identify Anonymous Defamers
Whether it is on Twitter, Facebook, a blog or another place online, countless people use the internet as their personal outlet to vent. But sometimes, you might have the urge to get something off your chest, but you do not want your name attached. Thanks to mobile apps such as Secret and Whisper, people can… Continue Reading