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Defamation and Bad Faith Registration, Use of Domain Names Under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP)

Posted in Competitor Defamation, Complaint Websites, Defamatory Websites, Domain Names, Other Internet Law Issues
Most internet defamation occurs on third-party websites, often through false reviews.  However, some people are so intent on disparaging other professionals or companies that they will go as far as creating their own websites, registering carefully selected domain names and publishing content through them that is calculated to cause harm to those other people or companies. These… Continue Reading

False Competitor Reviews: John Doe Lawsuits & False Advertising Claims

Posted in Businesses and Executives, Competitor Defamation, False Reviews, Identify Anonymous Defamers
There is no denying that online reviews are important for businesses.  After all, customers regularly search them out and are increasingly relying them. According to a 2014 survey of 2,104 consumers, SEO expert BrightLocal found that 88 percent of the respondents had read online reviews for local businesses and 88 percent of the consumers also… Continue Reading

How to Remove Fraudulent TripAdvisor Reviews

Posted in Competitor Defamation, Defamation Removal, False Reviews, Travel & Hospitality
TripAdvisor, known as “the world’s largest travel site,” is home to approximately 200 million reviews seen by more than 315 million unique users each month, according to the website.  With 70 million-plus members, TripAdvisor has developed a reputation as a well-trusted source for information and trip planning options for hotels, restaurants, and various attractions.  Of… Continue Reading

Competitor Defamation: How to Overcome Damaging Content Posted Online by Competitors

Posted in Competitor Defamation, False Reviews
Today, anyone who wants to cause damage to a business can easily do so simply by going online and harming them in one of many different ways. Online attacks on businesses and their professionals may originate from a number of parties, including business competitors. Realizing the potentially devastating effects that damaging content such as false… Continue Reading

Misleading Review Websites: Beware of Disguised Paid Reviews, Content

Posted in Competitor Defamation, Defamatory Websites, False Reviews
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) mandates that material connections between endorsers and advertisers be disclosed. Yet there are countless misleading review websites out there, masking payments received in exchange for positive publicity. In April, we wrote about review-based websites branded as providing legitimate product information, but actually misleadingly promoting a single product. These websites purport… Continue Reading

How In-House Counsel Can Help Shape Their Companies’ Reputations

Posted in Businesses and Executives, Competitor Defamation, Defamation Removal, False Reviews, Identify Anonymous Defamers, Internet Defamation General, Online Reputation
Company reputations today are largely dictated by what is posted on the internet, both about the companies themselves and their executives. Gone are the days where reputation is based on building up and maintaining goodwill with consumers over time. As Jennifer Evans, Chief Risk Officer at ANZ, was quoted in a Deloitte report, “reputations built… Continue Reading

Combating False Reviews: Beware of ‘Independent’ Review Website Scheme

Posted in Competitor Defamation, Defamatory Websites, False Reviews
When the New York attorney general’s office cracked down on 19 companies in September 2013 for false reviews, it sent a loud and clear message to many businesses. For others, the combined $350,000 in fines might have simply been a wakeup call to get more creative with their deceptive online advertising practices. In September 2012, research firm… Continue Reading

False Review Removal Strategies: How to Deal with Bogus Online Reviews Written by Competitors

Posted in Competitor Defamation, Defamation Removal, False Reviews
All too often, dishonest companies damage their competitors’ reputations online by making a series of false statements on review-based websites. Competitors regularly seek refuge on websites such as Ripoff Report, Pissed Consumer and Yelp. Each of these websites is structured such that users can anonymously publish false (and even defamatory) reviews. These false reviews are often… Continue Reading

How to Deal with False and Damaging Pissed Consumer Posts

Posted in Competitor Defamation, Complaint Websites, Defamation Removal, False Reviews, Identify Anonymous Defamers, Pissed Consumer
Pissed Consumer, as the name suggests, has become a destination for disgruntled consumers to share their unpleasant experiences with various products or services. In fact, the website reports having more than a quarter million reviews about 40,000-plus companies spanning 120 industries. Indeed, Pissed Consumer is not a website where prospective customers should expect to find… Continue Reading