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Internet Defamation and Anti-SLAPP Laws: A Look Back at the Washington Supreme Court’s 2015 Ruling Invalidating the State’s Anti-SLAPP Statute

Posted in Anti-SLAPP, Cases & Court Decisions, Internet Defamation General, Other Internet Law Issues
In late May 2015, the Washington Supreme Court became the first state to find an anti-SLAPP statute unconstitutional, striking down the rule codified as RCW 4.24.525. At the time (and likely still today), free speech advocates expressed their disappointment in the ruling, believing that the state of Washington would leave media members and others who… Continue Reading

Video: Things to Consider Before Filing an Internet Defamation Lawsuit

Posted in Anti-SLAPP, Internet Defamation General, Videos
There are several key issues and factors to consider before filing an internet defamation lawsuit. In the Vorys online reputation and brand protection group’s second video, Whitney Gibson identifies and discusses a few of the most important considerations. Among the highlights, Gibson discusses the need to consider whether an anti-SLAPP (or Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation)… Continue Reading

Six Things Businesses Should Consider Before Filing Internet Defamation Claims

Posted in Anti-SLAPP, Businesses and Executives, Internet Defamation General
Even the best businesses cannot always keep every customer, employee, business partner, or other party happy at all times.  Unfortunately, in this day and age, many of these disgruntled parties will choose to take their complaints public by posting disparaging information or content about a company online, which can cause significant damage. Such behavior has… Continue Reading