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How to Remove Search Results Linking to False and Defamatory Content

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When people want to learn about a product, service, company or professional, they often go straight to the internet. And, unsurprisingly, a large percentage of people are going directly to search engines. According to PwC’s 2015 Total Retail Survey, of the more than 19,000 people the company surveyed worldwide, 56 percent of them indicated the… Continue Reading

Devanney to Lead “How to Remove Defamation, Negative Reviews, and Other Damaging Content from the Internet” Webinar

Posted in Defamation Removal, False Reviews, Internet Defamation General, Webinars
Colleen Devanney, who heads up Vorys’ internet defamation practice, is leading an upcoming online webinar presentation on defamation removal on Wednesday, July 27, 2016 at 3:00 ET. The webinar—entitled “How to Remove Defamation, Negative Reviews, and Other Damaging Content from the Internet”–will run approximately 75 minutes. A full course description and registration information for the… Continue Reading

False, Negative Online Reviews Challenge Health Care Professionals and Health Care Providers

Posted in False Reviews, Health Care / Physicians, Other Internet Law Issues, Review Websites
Online reviews affect nearly every industry, and health care is certainly one of them. What differentiates health care, in this context, is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, or HIPAA. Under HIPAA, a federal privacy law, health care professionals and providers are not allowed to disclose certain health information about patients without… Continue Reading

Removing Defamatory Statements From the Internet Using a Court Order

Posted in Defamation Removal, Google, Internet Defamation General
Most businesses and professionals defamed on the internet simply want the false content removed. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to obtain removal, one of which is through a court order. Websites and other entities do not want to be tasked with having to weigh the facts of any situation and make a judgment… Continue Reading

Best Practices, Worst Practices for Responding to Internet Defamation

Posted in Communications Decency Act, Defamation Removal, Internet Defamation General
There are a number of ways in which one can respond to internet defamation. There are also a number of ways not to respond. Below is an overview of some different response options that affected parties should and should not consider. How not to respond to online defamation We have said repeatedly on our blog… Continue Reading

Removal Often the Best Solution for Online Defamation

Posted in Defamation Removal, Internet Defamation General
For businesses forced to deal with internet defamation, in our experience, removal of the harmful content is generally the best solution. Solutions are fact-dependent.  However, the longer false content remains online and potential customers or clients, among others, can view it, the more damage it is likely to cause to a business. Thus, to the… Continue Reading

Defamation and Bad Faith Registration, Use of Domain Names Under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP)

Posted in Competitor Defamation, Complaint Websites, Defamatory Websites, Domain Names, Other Internet Law Issues
Most internet defamation occurs on third-party websites – often through a Ripoff Report posting or other false review, for example.  However, some people are so intent on disparaging other professionals or companies that they will go as far as creating their own websites, registering carefully selected domain names and publishing content through them that is calculated… Continue Reading

How to Remove Defamatory Reviews From

Posted in Complaint Websites, Defamation Removal, False Reviews
One of the more prominent consumer complaint websites out there is It might not have quite the brand name or search engine strength of Ripoff Report or even Pissed Consumer. Nonetheless, is another popular destination for publishing complaints about businesses. Self-branded as “The most trusted and popular consumer complaints website,” is nonetheless… Continue Reading

Devanney to Lead Upcoming Webinar on Strategies for Removing Defamation From the Internet

Posted in Defamation Removal, Internet Defamation General, Webinars
On Thursday, Feb. 18, 2016, Colleen Devanney will lead a webinar, entitled “How to Remove Defamation, Negative Reviews, and Other Damaging Content from the Internet.”  Devanney, who is leading Vorys’ internet defamation practice — will present from 3:00 to 4:15 p.m. ET in the webinar hosted by the Clear Law Institute. The webinar is intended for attorneys, who… Continue Reading

Removing Internet Defamation From the Internet: Solutions are Fact-Dependent

Posted in Defamation Removal, Internet Defamation General
When it comes to handling internet defamation issues and other online reputation attacks—specifically in terms of removing the content from the internet— the solutions are, in one word: fact-dependent.  There is no other way to describe it. And there is no perfect solution that can be applied to every instance of online defamation.  There are various… Continue Reading

Australian Court: Google Liable as Secondary Publisher in Internet Defamation Case

Posted in Cases & Court Decisions, Defamation Removal, Google, Other Internet Law Issues, Ripoff Report
Last week, Justice Malcom Blue of the Supreme Court of South Australia ordered Google to pay $100,000 (AUD) in damages (plus interest) in a landmark internet defamation case. Several weeks earlier, the Supreme Court of South Australia handed down an unprecedented judgment against Google in a multi-year legal battle that originally arose out of Ripoff… Continue Reading

How Businesses Can Protect Their Executives From Online Reputation Attacks

Posted in Businesses and Executives, Internet Defamation General, Online Reputation, Other Internet Law Issues
Businesses are incredibly vulnerable to online reputation attacks.  Virtually anyone with a motive can seriously harm a business’s reputation online.  This issue has been previously framed from a company perspective.  What has not been discussed as much is how company executives are also quite susceptible to being attacked online, and it is just as important… Continue Reading

How to Remove Harassment, Other Harmful Internet and Social Media Postings

Posted in Cyberbullying, Defamation Removal, Facebook, LinkedIn, Other Internet Law Issues, Pinterest, Twitter, WordPress
Minutes, if not seconds, is all it takes for someone to cause harm to another person on the internet. Whether a single posting on social media or another online forum, or a full-fledged harassment campaign consisting of numerous postings on various platforms, it is extremely easy today to cause damage to another’s reputation online. Thus,… Continue Reading

Federal Court Rules Against Ripoff Report in CDA Case

Posted in Cases & Court Decisions, Communications Decency Act, False Reviews, Internet Defamation General, Review Websites, Ripoff Report
Past victims of false Ripoff Report postings will be pleased with the recent rulings out of the United Stated District Court for the District of Utah, Central Division. In a case in which a Utah-based company and individual sued Xcentric Ventures, LLC – the parent company of Ripoff Report – the court denied Xcentric Ventures’… Continue Reading

Washington Case Turns on Application of Federal CDA Immunity

Posted in Cases & Court Decisions, Communications Decency Act, Other Internet Law Issues
Last week, the Washington Supreme Court handed down a favorable ruling in a case turning on the application of the federal Communications Decency Act of 1996 – favorable, that is, for those seeking to hold websites accountable for certain harm arising out of content published on their sites. In a 6-3 ruling, the top Washington… Continue Reading

Google Considers Truth, Accuracy for Search Rankings

Posted in Businesses and Executives, Defamatory Websites, False Reviews, Google, Internet Defamation General
Google has been considering a new search ranking algorithm that factors in trustworthiness, according to a report released by the company this past winter. contributor Daniel Newman recently fleshed this concept out in a June 30 column. From an internet defamation/defamation removal perspective, this potential new way of Google ranking content makes for an interesting discussion.  Certainly at… Continue Reading

Revenge Porn Site Operator Sentenced to 18 years in Calif. County Jail for Identity Theft, Extortion

Posted in Cases & Court Decisions, Other Internet Law Issues, Revenge Porn
Former revenge porn website operator Kevin Bollaert, previously found guilty of 21 counts of identity theft and six counts of extortion, was sentenced to 18 years in jail on Friday. As stated in our February post, California passed an “anti-revenge porn” law in October 2013, which penalizes revenge porn offenders up to six months behind… Continue Reading

How to Deal With a Ripoff Report Post That Appears on Another Website

Posted in Complaint Websites, Defamation Removal, False Reviews, Ripoff Report
Victims of false and defamatory reviews on Ripoff Report should be aware that many of these reviews are popping up elsewhere online.  More specifically, it appears that other lesser-established websites are copying the text from recent Ripoff Report posts and publishing them verbatim on their own sites.  Thus, businesses must continue to be watchful of… Continue Reading

How to Remove URLs from Google after Obtaining a Court Order

Posted in Defamation Removal, Google, Internet Defamation General, Ripoff Report
In several previous blog posts, we have mentioned obtaining court orders with the aim of getting links to harmful content, such as Ripoff Report posts, de-indexed from search engines.  What we have not yet written about is how to use a court order to get links removed from Google. In short, this entails using Google’s Legal… Continue Reading

Businesses Should Create ‘Web Assets’ to Help Protect Against Online Reputation Attacks

Posted in Businesses and Executives, Online Reputation, Other Internet Law Issues
Businesses are best equipped to handle online reputation attacks if they take steps upfront to protect their reputations; take preventative measures to try to thwart or limit attacks; and plan out how to address attacks if (or when) they really do occur. Considering today’s internet landscape and current U.S. laws (such as the First Amendment and… Continue Reading

How to Subpoena Ripoff Report to Identify ‘Anonymous’ Posters

Posted in Complaint Websites, Identify Anonymous Defamers, Ripoff Report
Countless businesses and business owners have fallen victim to false and defamatory posts on Ripoff Report.  While states that the website requires truthful reports, the website also “does not guarantee” the accuracy or authenticity of the content submitted by its registered users. Given the current internet landscape, which includes the Communications Decency Act (which… Continue Reading

Reddit ‘Rarely’ Removes Defamation, Other Harmful or Offensive Speech

Posted in Defamation Removal, Identify Anonymous Defamers, Reddit
If given the opportunity, anyone that has been defamed on Reddit would surely “downvote” the popular website for its policy on defamation removal.  According to Reddit, it is uncommon for administrators of the website – self-branded as “a source for what’s new and popular on the web” – to remove defamatory content. This is consistent… Continue Reading

Arizona Appellate Court: Republication of Alleged Internet Defamation Restarts Statute of Limitations

Posted in Cases & Court Decisions, Internet Defamation General, Ripoff Report
On Aug. 19, 2014, an Arizona appellate court ruled that republication of allegedly libelous remarks on the internet restarted the clock on the state’s one year statute of limitations for defamation. Specifically, Phoenix’s Arizona Court of Appeals ruled in the case that the defendants’ rebuttals to a pair of Ripoff Report posts allowed plaintiffs to pursue… Continue Reading

Competitor Defamation: How to Overcome Damaging Content Posted Online by Competitors

Posted in Competitor Defamation, False Reviews
Today, anyone who wants to cause damage to a business can easily do so simply by going online and harming them in one of many different ways. Online attacks on businesses and their professionals may originate from a number of parties, including business competitors. Realizing the potentially devastating effects that damaging content such as false… Continue Reading